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Behind the scenes of the glam of flying out personal trainers to luxury locations, is a girl who grew an agency teaching every single appointment across town, slowly building out a trusted team of Yoga and Pilates teachers. Programming corporate wellbeing for FSE 500 companies and bespoke 1-1 Classes for private individuals.

This was followed by a massive re build, post covid and expansion into longer Term Placements for Royalty across the globe. The story is definitely one of sweat and tears, so I wanted to share some real life tips from my experience not just for clients but for the power houses behind the scenes who run the schedules, hold it together, make it happen, whilst making it all look effortless. Like so many things, a few key foundations, root us into a structure to flourish. Framing the working day with a few multi tasking wellbeing tools. Focused on boasting efficiency and immunity, it’s my go to maintenance routine (do any or all daily)

Priority Movement 

For all bodies moving the spine in all 4 directions is key to maintaining mobility and ease in the body. Simple side stretches, forward and backwards bends work wonders and keep back pain at bay.

Layer this with movement to address any individual areas of tightness, tension or strength imbalances. 

Most of us who sit could benefit from core corset work and neck and shoulder releases. When programming for clients we always start with a movement based consultation. Prioritising movement which is specific to your body and focused on technique is key, allowing even 10 minutes of exercise to be hugely beneficial

Compound Effect 

I’m also a massive fan of the compound effect. When clients travel and are short of time, we programme drills which focus on strength. Showing up and doing something which is physically challenging builds mindset, whilst getting the circulation going and a steady intake of endorphins. 10 focused minutes a day is a really effective way to build strength, especially in maintenance mode 

Ice facial

Literally the best invigorator and quite the multitasker as it boosts immunity, supports the body stress responses and gives a healthy glow. 


If I could only do 1 movement a day it would be an inversion. 

Promoting blood flow to the brain, I’ll often do this mid day as a pick me up. It literally doesn’t matter if its a Downdog or Handstand or simply lying on your back with your legs elevated. Take 5. Play music. Cover your eyes and RESET


Start and end the day with a few minutes of self care. 

Before checking emails, get outside for a short walk or couple of minutes in the fresh air. Allowing your eyes to take in natural light before blue light/screens has multi benefits, especially for energy as it regulates the Circadian Rhythm and gives a boost of Serotonin. The secret to optimum efficiency often starts with the morning routine, where we set the body up for the day and also support the central nervous system to switch off at the end of the day, to optimise sleep,which in turns powers the next day and overall efficiency for things like Immunity.

End the day with your legs elevated on the wall or rub magnesium cream into the soles of your feet. Transitioning the body into a relaxation state, is key for optimum sleep.

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By Katie Sheikh

Having built a team of Wellbeing Professionals, Katie works with Clients worldwide, curating Elite Programmes for Private individuals, corporations and hotels. Advocating balance, and the benefits of framing programmes to modern lifestyles, her focus combines research-backed techniques with personalised sequencing, as a capsule solution to optimise how clients function & feel for a life well lived.

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